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The Ecstatic Dionysus-Jim Morrison:Archetypal image of The Indestructible life!

Understanding The Apollonian and Dionysian Dichotomy.

The concept of The Apollonian and The Dionysian Dichotomy is  essentially a literary and philosophical concept etymologized  on Ancient mythology. The figures of Apollo and Dionysus, are the two sons of Zeus ( the king of gods ) symbolical of the binary states of existence, their inter dependence and the perfect harmonical balance between the two forces.  Polarity of the Apollonian force of reason, strength, Solar valour, courage, modesty and value restraint contrasting to the Dionysian force invoking  wine, ecstasy, intoxication, ostentatiousness and excesses are not contradictory or opposing to each other but are entwined or inter-laced in nature. Apollo and Dionysus are the two complementing sides of a coin.

Jim Morrison while still early  in his teens, had discovered Neitzsche's The Birth Of Tragedy and remained highly influenced by The Dionysian Man as his own self reflective nature.

Alongwith, Neitzsche's The Birth Of Tragedy, Jim also read Colin Wilson's Outsider, Hamiltons' s Mythology, John Campbells The Hero with  a thousand faces , Norman O Brown's Life against Death, W.F. Otto's Dionysos, Jane Harrison's Prelogomena to the study of Greek religion .

Neitzsche's The Birth Of  Tragedy (1872)

Neitzsche uses the aesthetic Greek mythological concepts on the premise of kunsttrieben (Or artistic impulses) that rise from the fusion of The Apollonian and The Dionysian energies giving birth to tragedies and dramatic arts. In his work, the interdependent relationship  of The Apollonian and The Dionysian juxtaposition is apparent, as he claims in the interplay  to Greek tragedies where the tragic hero struggling to make order (Apollonian) of  his unjust chaotic (Dionysian)  Fate succumbs unfulfilled in the end, referring to the character of Shakespeare's Hamlet as the true embodiment of The Dionysian Man who seeks to conquer the nausea of the absurd or the real in the dual and the Eternal quest to be or not to be.

The Neitzschean tragedy claims to sense the underlying essence or The Primordial Unity which revives the Dionysian nature and  which is indescribably pleasurable, this overarching theme was a metaphysical solace and connecting to the heart of the creation. According to Neitzsche, the critical distance or separation between man and his Primordial Self grew farther originating in the Apollonian ideals of law and restraint leading to self alienation of his innermost essence of the Spirit. Whereas, the Dionysian force magnifies man as it embraces all chaotic experience onto itself re-discovering the Cosmos in Chaos entangled with the Apollonian harmony that discovered while under the god-like union of the Dionysian experience.

Alike, Neitzsche Jim Morrison identified himself as the Messiah or The Cross bearer , Mystic Christ , Shaman (as the one who's true to his own phantasies) or The Greek Lord Dionysus-the one who suffers the primordial pain to purge the land and his people referring to the Cathartic evolution of mankind through intoxication,  ritual madness, invocations and union with the primeval Self. As he asserts -

to transcend the body's limitation, you have to immerse yourself in it
I am a guide to the labyrinth.
The Lords have secret entrances, they know disguises. But they give themselves away in minor ways . Too much glint of light in the eye.  Staring into the hollow idol's eyes.
The night like  a vast conspiracy to dream .But gradually special perceptions are being developed.
The idea of the lords is beginning to form in some minds.
The Lords. Events take place beyond our knowledge or control.
Our lives are lived  for us.
Fear the Lords who are secret among us .
The Lords are within us.
Enter the sweet forest
Enter the hot dream
Where are my dreamers
Today Tonight
Translation s of the Divine in all language s
The new dreamer will sing to the mind w/thoughts unclutched by speech
The End of the dream will be when it matters
All things lie
Buddha will forgive me
Buddha will.

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  1. It was a thought provoking write-up coupled with invaluable information. The line "to transcend the body's limitation, you have to immerse yourself in it" is the ultimate truth...keep the pen flowing.