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About me and Psychedelic Sutra.

About me
I am Monalisa Morrison, an ex-student of films, painter, writer with research interests in creative projects involving art/music/philosophy/spirituality. Have recently studied modern and post-modern philosophy and classical Greek mythology.
                                                 M. Morrison

Understanding Psychedelia
                                   Jim Morrison : The Reptilian
                                    Lord of The Yung-Drung

First of all, let me introduce to all -what is Psychedelia all about?
Now let us divide its periphery into 6 aspects or the 6 sutras according to me:

  1. Music
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Art
  4. Poetry
  5. Cosmology, Fashion and Healing
  6. Myth and Spirituality

1. Music- categorically Psychedelic Rock is the first Sutra. In the mid 1960s the Anti-establishment movement spurred by the principles of Anti-foundationalism initiated much earlier by the Post-Enlightenment  philosophers like Neitzsche and the radical  French existentialists, subsequently much later echoed by many Critical theorists and Pragmatics along with poets and authors alike the beatniks and the hippies divulged into Psychoactive drugs like LSD, marijuana or cannabis which seemed to cause the heightened state of the Psyche or enhanced one's creative abilities giving birth to the greatest transcendental music ever.This genre of rock music spread like wildfire swooning millions in the effects of trance addictiveness and spiritual hallucinogens, bands like The Doors, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd,  The Beatles and Jefferson Airplane composed many Psychedelic tracks during the era, which continue as a rage all over the globe among its lovers.
                                 The Piper at the gates of dawn
                                         Pink Floyd 1968

My suggestions-if you are completely unaware or novice about Psychedelic rock then listen to When the music's over (The Doors ), Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd), Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (The Beatles) and The White Rabbit song (Jefferson Airplane). I hope you will get the feel of it.

2.Lifestyle- the second and much hyped sutra would undoubtedly be the Psychedelic lifestyle- drugs, sex and hysteria are the three words to describe it the best, but ironically due to media portrayal people misinterpret the spiritual conscience working at the subdued level.The goal of leading a Psychedelic life is best served at the fulfilment of its motto- Holistic, evolution of the spiritual consciousness through the heightened sense of creativity.
My suggestions- if you are unaware of the Psychedelic lifestyle, suggested readings would be the Hippie movement and Zen Buddhism.
                                              Bob Masse art

3. Art- Psychedelic art is much synonymous with Psychedelic music, being an unconventional genre it exercises the creative freedom and liberal fervour of experimentation -the third sutra of Psychedelia.This genre of art mainly comprises of geometric flower patterns stroked with bold bright fluorescent colours such as vibrant shades of shades green, pinks, blues, purples and yellows with tinge and hints of oranges and reds. They are believed to be experienced under drug or hallucinogen influence or during spiritual meditation or revelations.
My suggestions- search for psychedelic art and mandalas

4.Poetry- Psychedelic poetry can be traced to the works of Charles Baudelaire and his essay on the effects of various drugs (Les Paradis Artificiels), the beat poets like Allen Ginsberg or the poetry of The Doors lead singer songwriter Jim Morrison's published and recorded tapes in sessions.
My suggestions- read the poems of Baudelaire and Jim Morrison easily available on web.

5.Cosmology,  Fashion and healing- Psychedelia is known to posses exclusive paranormal healing properties that can not only elevate one's creative instincts but also help in reducing stress levels, help in relaxation, rejuvenation of the mind and emotive sensations. Psychedelia can be also attributed to the pranic energy of the celestial bodies like the cosmological vibrations of the stars, sun, moon and the orbitals. Since the outer space is constructed on the principles of geometric precision, it can be
much co relative to Psychedelia. Wearing stones and beaded necklaces of Lapis Lazuli, ametheyst, amber, emeralds along rudrakhas, sandalwood, turquoise can be a fashion stament and a healing agent.
My suggestions- try wearing semi-precious stones to feel the vibratory sensations and make them a part of your daily apparel.
                                               Lapis Lazuli

6.Myths and Spirituality: lastly, the encapsulating mother sutra of Psychedelia is the all conclusive arena of mythology and spirituality
                   "  Have you ever been borne yet &are you alive?
                     Let's reinvent the gods, all the myths of the ages."

                                               -Jim Morrison (An American Prayer)

                            Mahavatar Babaji the Ageless Saint
The dream of the 60s Psychedelic movement was to visualize a world without any boundaries, limitations and discriminations-the concept of One World, One law and Freedom for all as the penultimate spiritual achievement mankind moving towards the Eternal Light or the Yogic light. Spiritual gurus like Mahavatar Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya were adored by many like George Harrison devoted songs for his affection to the Lord krishna-Radha and became an advent member of the iSKCON in the 70s.
Mythical references such as the vegetative cycle of the Eternal snake Ourbouros was used by Jim Morrison in his many Psychedelic lyrics referring to the Celebration of the Lizard Along the sacred fire rituals of Celtic Paganism and his prophetic verses as the Shamanistic power of rock n roll.

I gladly hope my introduction familiarizes you with the Strange World of Psychedelia as I continue to publish my own ideation and experiences on the above lines........


  1. An inspiring write-up coupled with positive vibrations it reflects who you are in the vast cosmos. Strange World of Psychedelia is mysteriously divine. "Have you ever been borne yet & are you alive?" hits strongly. I appreciate the suggestions...looking forward to the next post.

  2. I just found this blog! Great job, there. Greetings from Brazil!! Keep up.