Sunday, 8 December 2013

Rebirth- A New Born Awakening...Poems Recorded 7th Dec, 2013: Reminiscences of the Apocalyptic Mind

Rebirth: A New Born Awakening...Poems Recorded 7th Dec, 2013

Poetry by Jim Morrison
Background Music: Blue Sunday, Morrison Hotel, The Doors
Creative Concept: Monalisa

A string of images flashed across my mind which I tried to capture in this! As a consequence you have a sudden jump or a discontinous leap into a different world: the world of creative archetypes. The video has images of Jim Morrison from childhood to adolescent years together with paintings of various artists from Paul Klee to van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Nicholas Roerich and Marc Chagall. 


Lines To Jim....... (Rebirth: A New Born Awakening) -Monalisa

Both you & I
We fail to recognize the vast multitudes of complexity that rise & surface in our day to day lives
But the probabilities of them remain high in the deepest state of bliss or ignorance
Cause you know what A Divine Spark Can Change Everything in a split Second.....

A wake!
Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty Child
My Sweet one
Chose the day & the sign of your day
The 1st thing you see
The Day's Divinity

Hasnt this thought ever struck your mind
That we are far left behind
In this vast expanse of creation
Where birth & love can re appear and immortalize itself in every minute of existence.........

This the End Beautiful friend the End
This the End
My only friend the End
Of our elaborate plans the End
Of every Thing that stands the End

Only an Endless sea or a quest
The search for a lost embrace of a loved one
Calling back far home again from
Back to the Worldly spheres
Can only make Eternity a tangible reality
And Patience has its key

Lost On a Roman Wilderness of pain
& all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain

We Live forever & Life  never ends
Neither on this side nor then
And Along the trail of love
Purpose serves it way

Riders On the storm
Into this house we'er born
Into this world we'er thrown

The return of the transfigured
The birth song of the New born Reborn
The Parable Of Endless Love Ever long

The World on You depends Our lives will never end
Riders On the Storm

                                                    - Jim Morrison & Monalisa.....
On A Very Happy Birthday......Sun 8th December 2013