Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Far Arden of Divine manifestation Jim Morrison's rediscovery of the Lost Shangri La

There's a place
In the canyon
Where you & I
Were born

Now I'm a lonely Man
Let me back into
The Garden

Blue Shadows
Of the Canyon
I met you
& now you're gone

& now my dream is gone
Let me back into your Garden

A man searching
For lost Paradise
Can seem a fool
To those who never
Sought the other world.
                                            -Jim Morrison Paris Journal 1971.
Rasa-Lila in the Moonlit Forest of Vrindavan,

The Paris Journal was one of Jim's last finished drafts that gave glimpses of his flowering Evoluted soul. As he silently referred to the Mystic Dance of Rasa Lila witnessed in the moonshone nights in the lost secret Garden of  Vrindavan nostalgic of the mystic Love and Divine Delight .The Blue Shadow of Lord Krishna's perfumed body that held his hand, disappeared with the Loss of The dream Land with the birth of The material World.  As he begins

So much forgotten already
So much forgotten
So much to forget

Once the idea of purity
born, all was lost 

(The candle-forests of notre-dame)

Refers to the Biblical Fall Of Adam from the Garden of Eden along with the  advent of Shame , Morality, Civilised,  Materialism, Social and ideation of authority. Thereby, the forgetful loss of Our Buddha Nature, The Lost Shangri-La The Never Never Land.     
This decline and degeneration of Man post creation can be well visualised through the transitional phases portrayed in the oil and oak Triptych of the Early Netherlandish painter Heironymus Bosch's Garden Of Earthly Delights depicting the Successive Fall Of Man and his self -inflicted  Damnation.

Times changed, damaged
The chase bore inward.......
Light the candle
Night is comin.. on and we'er outnumbered
The mind works wonder for a spell
The lantern breathes, enlightens, then farewelll
we came from over here, to over there
Then told we wonder mindless to disagree,
Most seldom furls in slumber, burns begins a century.

                                               -Jim Morrison (Notebook poems)
Heironymus Bosch's Garden Of Earthly Delights
Notre - dame de Paris is the The French Gothic architectural beauty known for its Naturalism and its stained glass contrasting to the early Romanesque era,  was a building of significant religious importance among the Roman Catholic Cathedrals housing relics like  The Crown Of Thorns , One of The holy Nails, and A Fragment Of The True Cross. In 1790s it underwent desecration due to the radicalism during French Revolution, notable for its reliquary, it also bears a secret underground crypt containing several rare archaeological historic artefacts preserved inside.

Jim Morrison in his last days in Paris had intended to visit all the Historic Architecture and Heritage sites since, a mystic poet himself  he adored art and antiquity.

Well I'll tell you a story of whisky &
mystics & men 
And about believers, & how the 
Whole thing began

First there were women & children obeying 
                                                                     The moon 
Then daylight brought wisdom & fever!& sickness too soon

You can remind me
Instead of the other 
                                You can

You can help to insure
        That we all insecure our command 

If you don't give a listen
     I won't try to tell your 
                                          New hand
This is it can't you see
       That we all have our end in the band............

Our end is an apocalyptic vision towards the drudgery of mundane existance ignorant of the True Light living on their mundane terms fighting to survive a No Worthy life.
The Far Arden poems reflect the images of The Sweet Forest and The hot dream
The forest of Arden as the backdrop of The Shakespearean comedy As You Like It was an imaginary vision based on the adaptation of The Forest of Ardennes used in Thomas Lodge's Romantic prose Rosalynd and the real (both of which even then were subject to enclosure  disintegration and deforestation or the loss of Virgin lands and reminiscent of the romanticized youth )

Morrison's poems tries to reclaim the lost fragrance of woods and childhood innocence The Forest  Sandals as he writes to rediscover the the Lost paradise , Shangri -La beneath the Jewelled moon,  the circular dance, the stretching hands to clasp, the bliss nurturing the Soul........
Childhood reminiscence Jim Morrison

Moonshine night
Mt village
Insane in the woods in the deep trees
Under the moon
Beneath the stars
They reel and dance
The young folk
Led to the lake
By a king and a Queen
O, I want to be there
I want us to be there
Beside the lake
Beneath the moon.


  1. Eragman Cause sun-years of ionic worship of brahman - excellent stuff - Q-Gates opening ...route to Shambhala New Technology of Consciousness, Mind Enrichment and Revitalization - the creative evolutional leap anticipated ...fantastic

  2. Your Tribute to James, one of my main Muses, is beautiful! I posted your link on Twitter a few Moments ago. I will look for you in that micro Universe. You can find me to see there as ChayaChaya.