Friday, 28 June 2013

The Song Of Lord Through The Words Of Jim Morrison A Descent of The Krishna Consciousness


Accept this ancient
Which has travelled
Far to greet us
From the East
W/the sun

Call out to him
From the high mountain
High, from high

As the mind
& wends its way
To freedom

Grant us one more day
& hour
The hero of this dream
Who heals & guides us

There is an audience to our drama.
Magic shade mask

Strange world waits & watches.
Ancient dread of non-existence.

The truth is on his chest
The cellular excitement has
Totally inspired our magic
Veteran.    And now for an
Old trip.      I'm tired of thinking.
I want old forms to
My mind is just - you know.....

Smile like a calm survivor
Of the psychic war."
                                      - Jim Morrison



No one thought up being;
He who thinks he has
Step forward

The flowering of God-like people
In the muted air
Would seem strange to an intruder of certain size

                                              -Jim Morrison

The Bhagavad Gita is considered as one of the Apex Scriptural text in Eastern Mysticism,Originally being regarded as the Holy Gospel of Sanatan Dharma or the unified religion of Man is now adopted by Hinduism as their Primary religious text. The Bhagvad  Gita or The Song Of The Lord is 700 verse text comprising of 18 chapters (sections 25-42) in the Bhisma Parva of the Epic legend Mahabharata,  composed by Eternal Sage Ved Vyasa approximately around 4th century BCE as the precise date is yet unaccounted. The Gita begins before the the Climatic war of Kurukshetra, as the Pandava warrior Arjuna is perplexed and bewildered in dilemma as he counters his own relatives, family and brothers in the Blood bath war ground, thus making him dwell in the vices and virtues of dualism. The Truth is then revealed by his Eternal Friend, Charioteer, Guide and Teacher Lord Krishna as He encourages Arjuna to carry forward the assigned task explaining the three prime pathways of Unity with the Divine ; 1. Through Karma Yoga ( Chapters 1-6) the precursor to goal, as Krishna describes and justifies the necessity of human actions or Karma as it eventually leads to freedom or Moksha through the process of evolution and salvation of the soul as it passes all the stages of human  life course and experiences phases of different existential states through its Karma as an e enactment of the Divine Will.
2. Bhakti Yoga ( Chapters 7-12) the pathway of love and devotion, the will of true surrender to the Lord who cares for all.As Bhakti or love is the only process of self-transfiguration and flowering of the Soul, all creative assets and abilities arise from love or Bhakti towards the Subconscious Supreme
3. Jyana Yoga ( Chapters13-18 ) is the final abode of the Spirit or the Attainment of the Goal itself as one imbibes Eternal knowledge of The Absolute Divine consciousness.

The subdued consciousness of The Bhagavad Gita can be read and realised through Jim Morrison's poetic compositions.



Heaven or Hell the circus
Of your actions

To Play ( Chance is a God here )
Assuage the guilt
The deep fear
The separate loneliness

The Party of new connections
Mind made free
Love cannot save you
From your fate
Art cannot soothe
Words cannot tame
The Night

So I tell you
      I tell you
        I tell you
 We must send away

 We must try to find a new
       Answer instead of
                           A way

All hail the American Night

And so I say to you
The silk handkerchief was
Embroidered in China or Japan
Behind the steel curtain  And
No one can cross the borderline
W/out proper credentials.
This is to say that we are all
Sensate & occasionally sad
& if every partner in crime
Were to incorporate promises
 hiS program the dance
MIght end & all our friends
Would follow.

Who are our friends?

Are they sullen & slow? Do
They have great desire? Or
Are they one of the multitude who
Walk doubting their impossible
Regret.   Certainly things happen
& reoccur in continuous promise;
Al of us have found a safe
Niche where we can store up
Riches & talk to our fellows
On the same premise of disaster.

But this will not do.   No, this
Will never do.        There are
Continents & shores which
Beseech our understanding.
Seldom have we been so slow.
Seldom have we been so far.


                                    -Jim Morrison

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Immortalization Of The Spirit Incarnate -Jim Morrison Osiris Grace

"Why the desire for death.

A clean paper on a pure
     White wall. One false
Line, a scratch, a mistake.
Unerasable. So obscure
By adding million other
      Tracings, blend it,
Cover over.
But the original scratch
Remains, written in
Gold blood, shining.


Those who Race toward Death
Those who wait
Those who worry

There is no death....
Everlasting hope & fulfillment

Eternal consciousness
        In the Void......."
                                           -Jim Morrison

The Eygptian God of Death, Afterlife and Immortality Osiris is adorned by the Atef crown similar to the white crown of Upper Eygpt is added with two curled ostrich feathers attached to each side, The Lord is green skinned symbolical of re-birth or resurrection with a Pharoah's beard holding the crook and flail in hands the instruments of a Shepherd sharing a close resemblance to Jesus Christ ( as The Shepherd God) is also known as Wenennefer or the one who continues to be perfect,  the Lord of Mercy pardoning redeemer at the hour of death  Lord of Love as the eternal lover of Isis , Lord of Silence and the One Who is ever youthful and Benign or the Lord of Immortality. Thus, is associated with the kings of Eygpts as they hoped to be united with Osiris at the hour of death to be resurrected like him, attaining eternal life through imitative magic.
Since, the name Osiris came in prominance in The Pyramid texts  Fifth Dynasty of Eygpt , it is believed that the Lord was worshipped earlier as Khenti-Amentiu the epithet which referred to 'As the Foremost Among The Westerners' symbolising kingship in the land of the dead  which dates back to the first dynasty.
The hope of New life after Death made Osiris connected with the cycles of nature and hence is linked to the Constellations of Orion and Sirius. Osiris is also rarely depicted as a Lunar God adorned with a crown encompassing the Moon (gives a close suggestive resemblance to the Hindu God of Death and Afterlife Shiva whose matted locks also encircle the moon)
Osiris is the oldest  son of the Earth God Geb and the Sky Goddess Nut, the brother as well as consort of Goddess Isis and the father of Falcon headed God Horus.
As the early Pyramid texts referred to Afterlife synonymous with travelling to other Star systems along the Primeval Sun God Ra .
The funerary texts of the beginning of the 4th dynasty are found inscriptions 'An offering the king gives and Anubis' by the end of the fifth dynasty it changes to 'An offering the king gives and Osiris.'

As the Sun was believed to spend the Night in Underworld and re-incarnate again at Dawn. The combined forces of Ptah-Seker the Gods of re incarnation along with Osiris as ptah-Seker-Osiris worshipped as the Lords of The Underworld and re-incarnation.

Jim Morrison's silent references to The Eygptian God Osiris can be traced throughout his poetic verses...

"Does the house burn? So be it.
The World, a film which men devise.
Smoke drifts thru these chambers
Murders occur in a bedroom.
Mummers chant, birds hush & coo
Will this do?
Take Two.......

Each day is a drive thru history

Hesitation & doubt
Swiftly ensconced

Time has claimed you
Coming for you

This is the sea of doubt
Which threads harps
           & unstrung
Its the brother, not the past
Who turns sunlight into glass
It's the valley
It's me

Testimony from
A strange witness

They are waiting to take us into
                                           the severed garden
 Do you know how pale & wanton thrillful
               Comes death on a strange hour
Like a scaring over-friendly guest you've
                            Brought to bed
 Death makes angels of us all
                & gives us wings
Where we had shoulders
                Smooth as raven's

No more money, no more fancy dress
This kingdom seems by far the best
Until its other jaws reveals incest
& loose obedience to a vegetable law

The Endless quest a vigil
Of watchtowers and fortresses
Against the sea and time.
Have they won? Perhaps.
They still stand and in
Their silent rooms still wander

                                        - Jim Morrison

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Lion Embodiment Of Man-Jim Morrison As The Narasimha From Decapitation To Self-Control

Lions in the street & roaming.......
                               Is everybody in ?
The ceremony is about to begin.

Wake up!
You can't remember where it was.
Had this dream stopped?.........

I can't live thru each slow century.......
Feel the good cold stinging blood,,,,,,,,


Narasimha as evidenced in accordance with epic legends and scriptures is the Incarnation (Avatar) of the Hindu God Vishnu as in the form of a lion's  head, hands and claws along with the torso of a human male. It has mentions in all Major Puranas with seventeen variations of the main narrative. In Vedantic references appears as an Epithet in the Rig Veda which describes the incarnate as "like some wild beast, dread, prowling, mountain roaming " along with an allusion to the Namuci story- "with waters' foam you tore off, Indra, the head of Namuci, subduing all contending hosts". This short reference is believed to culminate in the entire Puranic  epic  legend of Narasimha.
Also attributed the Epithet of Mriga Sharira (Sanskrit reference to The Animal Man ) as viewed in the perspective  of theology and philosophy Narasimha emerges as the iconic image in Vaishanavism as the paths of jyana (knowledge) and bhakti (devotion) as opposed to advaita where bhakti does not exist as it  is the state of non-dualism where the worshipper is worshipped or the jeeva is paramatma (matter whether animate or inanimate is the Brahman or manifestation of The Lord).
The Narasimha embodiment of The Lord displays his omniscience and omnipresence as the primordial force still controlling matter  having the power of emergence and dismissal  as the Matsya Purana describes Narasimha ripped apart... as the plaiter of straw mats shreds the reeds. Signifies the animal embodiment of the Lord as the Great Protector or The Saviour of mankind. Narasimha can be regarded as the Ancient Primeval Incarnation of The Lord as The Redeemer or the Saviour.

"Let the carnival bells ring
Let the serpent sing
Let everything

And I can tell you the names of the Kingdom
I can tell you the things that you know
Listening for a fistful of silence
Climbing valleys into the shade"

There's Blood in the streets
         & it's up to my ankles
Blood in the streets
             & its up to my knee
Blood in the streets
               Of the town of Chicago
Blood on the rise
              & its following me ....
Blood in the streets
                & it's up to my thigh
The river runs red
        Down the legs of the city......

Blood ! Screams her brain
              As they chop off her fingers
Blood will be born
                     In the birth of a nation
Blood is the rose of mysterious


                                         " Here she lie bleeding,
                      Blue wounds just to tell us in our floppy hats
                                                    It's Over  "
                                                                - Jim Morrison                            

The iconography of Goddess Chhinnamasta or the self-decapitated with severed head is the Ultimate state of Self - assertion and Self-control achieved through sacrifice and awakening of the Kundalini energy. The Goddess Chhinnamasta, the fifth of the Ten Mahavidyas is the embodiment of Heroism (Vira rasa) and terror (bhayanka rasa) as she is the life-giver and the life - taker and is viewed in the forms of a benevolent mother, the embodiment of self sacrifice and self control and the Goddess  in her self destructive wilderness. Chhinnamasta adored with threads and garlands of serpent and skull heads is accompanied by her two Yoginis ( attendants or companions) Dakini on her left and Varnini to her right, as they share and drink the gushing blood jet streams flowing from the Goddess's severed head. This form is described in Tantrasara as the Trishakti Tantra. While the Tantrasara also describes another higher form of the Goddess seated in her own navel invisible and can be experienced during meditative trance. The Goddess is very closely associated with the Tibetan Chhinamunda, the Tantric Buddhist Goddess Vajrayogini with severed head is often referred as the antecedent of the Hindu Goddess Chhinnamasta.

Jim Morrison's subconscious invocation to the Benevolent Goddess can be identified through the lines of his poetry and symbolisms

                  So we played the carnival. Car. Carne.
                   Feast of meat . Celebration of blood.
                  O lucky ones who enjoy the dumb show
                   The reptile farm . The snake farm........
                      The place. The sink
                          Big Dismal
                         Goes in 2 ways.  Spirit & Meat.
                       You cannot join what can't be joined
                       You cannot travel 2 roads
                                              (He rode off in all directions)

Mystery of the dream

The mystery of flight
 be inside the brain of a bird
Goal- the end of a Goddess's
To slide gracefully &
Knowledgeably into graveland
The Big dream
Violent assassination of
Spirit & neck & skull ...........

For seven years I dwelt
In the loose palace of exile.......

Now I have come again
To the land of the fair, & the strong, & the wise.....

"Now Night arrives with her purple legion.
Retire now to your tents & to your dreams.
Tommorow we enter the town of my birth.
I want to be ready."
                                                      - Jim Morrison

Monday, 17 June 2013

A wake ! A Call Of The Primeval Mother -Jim Morrison A Descent of The Divine Feminine

"A wake
Shake the dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one
Choose the day, & the sign of your day,
1st thing you see.
The Day's Divinity"


"I touched her thigh and death smiled......"
                                                                   - Jim Morrison


The Hindu Goddess Kali is also referred as the Primeval Feminine deity representing Power, Death, Redemption and Catharsis. All Devouring, She is the Ultimate salvager of the cosmic creation and is often attributed as The Goddess of Death And Destruction. As the consort of Shiva ( The Hindu God of Redemption) she is the embodiment of Time or Cyclic Change which can confer immense control and power over primordial matter emerging as the invincible and prime deity of destruction and authority, she is also viewed as the Divine Mother, benefactor of mankind as her beloved  children. She is also attributed as Adi Shakti or Fundamental Feminine  Power  and Para Pakriti or beyond nature. She is the consort of Shiva and the primeval shakti (source of the Origin of the Cosmos) and is the bearer of all creativity, inspiration, Knowledge, arts and wisdom.


Jim Morrison silently in his poems have referred to her as the Mysterious Girl of The Night an indirect  reference to one of her names as kalaratri or the dark night can be a Cosmic Inspiration for Morrison's The American Night as Goddess kali is the Bestower of the Creative consciousness. Jim's poetic lines surely gives references of a Divine intervention.

"Always A Playground Instructor,
never a killer. Always a bridesmaid
on the verge of fame, or over,..........

She's trying to rise........

Come here
I love you..
Peace on earth
Will you die for me
eat me
this way
the end
-I'm surprised you could get it up.
He whips her lightly, sardonically
-Haven't I been thru enough? She asks

The dark girl begins to bleed.
It's Catholic heaven. I have an
Ancient Indian Crucifix around
My neck. My chest is hard
&brown. Lying on stained &
Wretched sheets w/a bleeding Virgin.
We could plan a murder, or
Start a religion."


The Mahavidyas refers to the fore bearer of the Great Wisdom and is derived from the sanskrit word Maha-Great, Vidya-Wisdom, Knowledge,revelation or divine feminine manifestation . The Ten Mahavidyas of Hinduism are often referred as the Ten fierce Tantric goddesses, as the embodiment of The Divine Mother in ten different aspects or moods of violence to benevolence. The ten respective Goddesses are representative of the Cosmic Feminine Powers or Shaktis (Sanskrit synonym Power or Light) and are responsible for the cyclic change, redemption and purification of the cosmos. The emergence of the Mahavidyas was a pivotal turn in Shaktism as it incorporated the Bhakti element in Shaktism that reached its peak in 1700C.E. it first appeared as a Theistic movement with the Feminine Mother Goddess as the Supreme Primeval deity around 6th century C.E. post Puranic age, epitomized by texts Devi Bhagwata Purana specifically in its Seventh Skandha (the last 9 chapters 31-40)also known as Devi Gita a prime holy text among Shaktas.

As the Shaktas believed - "the one Truth is sensed in ten different facets; the Divine Mother is adored and approached as ten cosmic personalities, the Dasa Mahavidyas or the Ten Mahavidyas". The Goddesses ten embodiments are identified as

1. Kali- the Supreme Primeval Mother Goddess or the Divine Mother herself.(the prime deity in Kalikula systems)

2.Tara- the Goddess of redemption, the Saviour or the Purger, she is also referred to the Goddess of Ultimate Wisdom or Salvation (Neel Sarawati)

3. Tripura Sundari ( Shodashi) - the Beautiful in the three worlds, the bestow of happiness and strength.(the supreme deity in the Srikula system also referred as Tantric Parvati or Moksha Mukta.

4. Bhuvaneshwari- the Goddess of Cosmic knowlege.

5. Bhairavi- the awe-inspiring fear dispelling consort of Bhairava  an aspect of Lord Shiva, is also known as Shubhamkari or The Good Mother, Baala or Tripura Bhairavi.

6. Chhinnamasta- the self- decapitated Goddess of Self-control.

7. Dhumavati - the Widow or the Goddess of Death.

8. Bagalamukhi- the Fierce goddess of invincible authority or the Goddess of Victory.

9.  Matangi- the prime deity of Lalita in the Srikula system.

10. Kamala- the Lotus Goddess or Tantric embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi.

The Mahabhagwata Purana and the Brhaddharma Purana list Tripura Sindari as Goddess Shodashi or Sodasi, her another name. The Guhyatiguyha Tantra refers to the Ten Mahavidyas as the source of The Ten Incarnations (Avatars) of Vishnu and are worshipped as the Divine Embodiment s of The Universal Mother.

"Mana Man"

He gets them into the dark hour
By playing singing stories hypnosis
Wilderness                           the island
Led out of bondage            (back there)
Viciously peeling fruit

Disguised as Pplayers
Command Performance

See-thru village
Old hot forest of cars

Cruel ambience
Leopard snake dance

Swift lions of doubt
Crouch in the window
& wait
for her to come.........."

                                      - Jim Morrison.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Bardos between known and Unknown-Jim Morrison as The Buddhist Shaman


The day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Tried to run tried to hide
Break on thru to the other side
                                                            We chased our pleasures here
                                                             dug our treasures there
                                                              but can you still recall
                                                               The time we cried
                                                               Break on thru to the other side


If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is Infinite
                                -William Blake The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell

Jim Morrison's self-procured knowledge and his search for the true experience of re discovering the Infinite fascinated him with the concept of The Doors Of Perception a book written by Aldous Huxley based on the psychedelic experiences of mind elevation through the use of hallucinogens or psychoactive drugs for spiritual purposes thereby unlocking the doors of perception was named in accordance to William Blake's lines.


The interim  state between the known and The Unknown as Morrison states is a indirect yet clear reference to the Tibetan Bardos or the 6 intermediate stages of existence experienced.
The word Bardo signifies the in-between state or the inter-mediate or the Transitional State liminal state or the state of inter change.

 The Sanskrit synonym is Antarabhava, as explained by Vasubandhu in his Abhidharmakosha (The Treasury of Abhidharma)
                         " There is a level of existence, experienced
                             In between death and birth.

What is it? What is an intermediate being, and an intermediate existence? Intermediate existence, inserts in between  existence at death and the existence at birth, not having arrived at the location where it should go, cannot be said to be born. Between death-that is, the five skandhas of the moment of death -and arising- that is, the five skandhas of the moment of rebirth. There is an existence- a" body" of five skandhas- that goes to the place of rebirth. This existence between the two realms of rebirth (gati) is called intermediate existence. "

In Padmasambhava's Bardo Thodol, six intermediate states of existence are enlisted, held in the Nyingma tradition in the 8th century were later rediscovered as  Terma or Treasure Teachings by Terton Karma Lingpa in the 14th century  along with the Zhitro Mandala teachings and the Dzogchen practice of Zhitro.

1. Shinay Bardo - The first bardo of birth and life extends from the moment consiousness or the soul manifests in the womb until the last breath.

2. Milam Bardo - The second bardo of the dream state, starts from the moment of sleep till the awakening. It is a subset of a first bardo.

3. Samten Bardo - The third bardo of meditation. Is also a subset of Shinay Bardo

4. Chikkhai Bardo - The fourth bardo of death, initiates from the primary signs of decline till continues through the transmutation and dissolution of the Mahabhuta ( Sanskrit : elements constituting matter) till the commencement of the last inner breath.

5. Chonyid Bardo - The bardo of supreme reality or the self luminosity of nature is experienced between the last inner breath ( sanskrit: prana vayu ; Tibetan: rlung)  and the subsequent visions and auditory experiences which correspond to the Thodgal or Lhundhrub Togal (the practice of separating samsara and nirvana - djungne- drosom)    manisfestation as  practiced in Dzogchen teachings. All sentient beings can experience Od gsal or The Clear Light in this state if inexperienced during  their previous life span. The attainment of the white light vision is Mahaparinirvana  - the state of Eternal bliss.

6. Sidpa Bardo - The sixth bardo of re-birth or metempsychosis (transmigration ) as the soul enters another womb for the  fulfilment of its Karmic accounts back on earth .


Tibetan Bon or Yungdrung a pre-historic religion founded by Lord Tonpa Shenrub Miwo in 16, 017 BCE in parts of Tibet and Central Asia in Confederation of Zhang -Zhung region encircling around  Mt Kailash (Yungdrung Gutseg) as its central sacred apostle, based on the teachings of the Dzogchen practices or the attainment of The Great Perfection by eradicating dualism reaching the Non - dual of Unified Cosmic Harmony or the Natural State of Existence . The re- union of one's own awareness (rig pa) as it merges  with the ever present  Divine consiousness (kunzhi) is highly similar to the Shamanistic practices in other parts of  Asia ( The Shamanistic practitioners of Nepal and The Himalayas) and North America. As discussed Shamanism and Psychedelia  both intend to the restoration of the State Of Nature or the State of Existential Being Non -Dualism  highly corresponds and is a mirror reflection of the Pre-historic Bon. The inter influence of the traditions of Yung drung Bon, Tibetan Buddhism,  Shamanism can be visualised in Jim's lyric verses and poetry.......

Opening of the Trunk

                            - Moment of inner freedom
                              When the mind is opened & the
                               Infinite universe revealed
                                & the soul is left to wander
                                Dazed & confus'd searching
                                 Here & there for teachers & friends.

                            Made the scene
                               Week to week
                                   Day to Day
                                           Hour to Hour
                                             The gate is straight
                                                              Deep and wide
                                   Break on thru to the other side

                        LETS BREAK ON THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Sacred Engulfing fire of Eternal Diamond Light -Jim Morrison The Incarnate Spirit

Well, the music is your special friend
Dance on fire it intends
Music is your only friend
Until the  End

The Doors Album Cover 1967

                                                                                           Sun Sun Sun
                                                                                      Burn Burn Burn
                                                                                  Moon Moon Moon
                                                               I will get you Soon Soon Soon!

The dead are new-born awakening
W/ ravaged limbs
& wet souls
Gently they sigh
             In rapt funeral amazement
Who called these dead to dance?......
I call you up to anoint the earth.
I call you up to announce sadness falling like burned skin
I call you to wish you well, to glory in self like a new monster
& now I call on you to pray

Understanding The Fire Symbolism

The Heraclitean Fire

Since ancient mythological references, Fire is considered the fore-bearer of all, an engulfing and eliminating element which leads to destruction and transfiguration, primeval of the five constituent elements that form matter. Among Water, Ether, Air and the Earth, Fire emerges as the all-consuming entity referred by Heraclitus as symbolical to beauty. Fire is also attributed of its transient and ever changing nature as it distorts and dismantles yet giving birth to life anew by changing forms and purging matter from its existential burden and transfiguring it thus, opening up new possibilities giving matter a renewal, a close reference to the Mythological bird Phoenix which rises up anew from its own ashes symbolising the cycle of renewal and regeneration.

Dionysus, Fire and Metempsychosis

Roman Mosaic Depicting Orpheus

Synonymous with Palingenesia , Metempsychosis is an Greek term referring to the concept of Transmigration of Souls or Life after death through the process of Rebirth or Reincarnation . The concept appeared in Pre-Socratic European Philosophers, initiated first in Thrace by Orpheus, and his secret doctrines- as the liberation of the body and soul could be only culminated through the surrendered worship of The Dionysian Force as The God Of Redemption. Alike Fire, the Dionysian energy can cleanse or  redeem, eradicating matter of its past bondage, thereby flowering the evolution and consequent liberation of a specific soul from the cycle of rebirth or  enhancing the ascetic piety of life and Self -purification (Catharsis) of the Soul.  Among the later Greek philosophers, Pherecydes of Syros, his disciple
Pythagoras and Plato also adopted the principle of Metempsychosis.
Metempsychosis can also be attributed to Hinduism, Buddhism and Drudism (the Druids of Britain, Gaul and Ireland).
In Buddhadharma, Metempsychosis is the Continuum Consciousness of the soul from its inception till the attainment of its  Buddhahood as  symbolical to the Fire Imagery. As a small flame which  is transmitted to light different candles or the massive  forest fires  both retain its original element .Thus, the new fire comes from the original Flame referring to the conditioned relationship between one life,  its subsequent rebirths and its ultimate attainment  liberation.
Post classical literary era saw the concept of Metempsychosis used by Modern writers such as David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest , Ovid' s Metamorphosis, Sir Edgar Allan Poe's Metzengerstien,   Guy De Maupassant 's Le docteur Heraclius Gloss, James Joyce 's Ulysses, John Donne's  Infinitati Sacrum along with works of Mallarmae  and Neitzsche

Morrison himself wrote a short poetry on his interpretation of Metempsychosis naming it :
   It has been said..........
                         It has been said that
                         on birth we are trying
                         To find a proper womb
                         for the growth of our
                         Buddha nature, & that
                         on dying we find a
                         womb in the tomb of the
                          earth. This my father's
                           fear.It shouldn't be.
                         Instead, he should be trying
                          To find me a better tomb.
Creation Of Man Prometheus,  Berthelemy Louvre

Fire Mythology: The Prometheus Fire Myth

Prometheus (the forethinker) was the son of Titan Lapetus of Clymene one of the Oceanids is introduced in 8th century epic poet Hesiod's Theogony. The Prometheus Fire Myth states the creation of man from and and the Theft of Fire. Prometheus is refered as a Titan, trickster and symbolical to human strife and survival . Punished for his theft, prometheus at last is freed by Heracles or Hercules at the Temple of Athena is hence attributed to her and Hephaestus and other gods of creative skills and technology.

Vedic References

Modern scientific linguistics suggest that the name Prometheus derived from a Proto-Indo -European root refers to the Vedic pra-math to steal or pramathyu-s thief  cognate with Promethus as the thief of fire.
The Vedic myth of the theft of fire by Matarisvan is an analog to the Greek account. Pramantha was the tool used to create fire.

Agni, The Hindu Mythological God of Fire

In Hindu Mytholgy

Agni, the god of Fire and The creator of the Sun and The Star systems is often referred as the sustainer of the universe as it consumes all evil as the benefactor of the human race for its purification, often described seated on a chariot driven by fiery horses and holding a flaming Spear is referred as the God bestowing immortality and redemption.

Fire Rituals

The Australian aborigines with painted patterns dance in a circular ring around the sacred fire similar to The Celtic European handfasting ceremony and ritual fire dance .
In Ancient Rome, a sacred fire associated with Goddess Vesta is symbolical of national well being, young women referred as Vestal Virgins are conferred the holy duty and are responsible for keeping the flame alive.
The Aztecs of Ancient Mexico believe the Fire god Huehueteotl as    the keeper of harmonical existence and the peacemaker between heaven and earth, after a cycle of 52 years all fires are extinguished until the Priest light a New holy fire for use.
In North European countries Pagan Bonfires are lighted on May 1st to mark the New birth of Spring.

Apocalyptic Predictions

Some myths of Apocalypse predict the End of World Engulfed in Fire as the Purging element that shall cleanse the earth for the birth of a Purified New world.

Hence, Fire has been since antiquity the element of Prime worship as the fore bearer, the redeemer and the purger.Jim Morrison's use of the distinct fire imagery of human catharsis

Do you know the warm progress under the stars?
Do you know we exist ?
Have forgotten the keys to the Kingdom?........

O great Creator of being
Grant us one more hour to
Perform our art
& perfect our lives

The moths & atheists are doubly divine & dying
We live, we die
& death not ends it
Journey we more into the
Cling to life
Our passion'd flower
We have assembled inside this ancient & insane theatre
To propagate our lust for life &flee the swarming wisdom of the streets
The barns stormed
The windows kept
To dance & save us
W/the divine mockery of words
Music inflames temperament
                       (When the true King's murderers are allowed
                            To roam free a 1000 Magicians arise in the land)


The Last Supper, Michaelangelo
We'er perched headlong
On the edge of boredom
We'er reaching for death
On the end of the candle
We'er trying for something
That has already found us............

                                 If its no problem, why mention it.
                                     Everything spoken means that
                                     it's opposite, & everything else.
                                           I'm alive, I 'm dying.



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Far Arden of Divine manifestation Jim Morrison's rediscovery of the Lost Shangri La

There's a place
In the canyon
Where you & I
Were born

Now I'm a lonely Man
Let me back into
The Garden

Blue Shadows
Of the Canyon
I met you
& now you're gone

& now my dream is gone
Let me back into your Garden

A man searching
For lost Paradise
Can seem a fool
To those who never
Sought the other world.
                                            -Jim Morrison Paris Journal 1971.
Rasa-Lila in the Moonlit Forest of Vrindavan,

The Paris Journal was one of Jim's last finished drafts that gave glimpses of his flowering Evoluted soul. As he silently referred to the Mystic Dance of Rasa Lila witnessed in the moonshone nights in the lost secret Garden of  Vrindavan nostalgic of the mystic Love and Divine Delight .The Blue Shadow of Lord Krishna's perfumed body that held his hand, disappeared with the Loss of The dream Land with the birth of The material World.  As he begins

So much forgotten already
So much forgotten
So much to forget

Once the idea of purity
born, all was lost 

(The candle-forests of notre-dame)

Refers to the Biblical Fall Of Adam from the Garden of Eden along with the  advent of Shame , Morality, Civilised,  Materialism, Social and ideation of authority. Thereby, the forgetful loss of Our Buddha Nature, The Lost Shangri-La The Never Never Land.     
This decline and degeneration of Man post creation can be well visualised through the transitional phases portrayed in the oil and oak Triptych of the Early Netherlandish painter Heironymus Bosch's Garden Of Earthly Delights depicting the Successive Fall Of Man and his self -inflicted  Damnation.

Times changed, damaged
The chase bore inward.......
Light the candle
Night is comin.. on and we'er outnumbered
The mind works wonder for a spell
The lantern breathes, enlightens, then farewelll
we came from over here, to over there
Then told we wonder mindless to disagree,
Most seldom furls in slumber, burns begins a century.

                                               -Jim Morrison (Notebook poems)
Heironymus Bosch's Garden Of Earthly Delights
Notre - dame de Paris is the The French Gothic architectural beauty known for its Naturalism and its stained glass contrasting to the early Romanesque era,  was a building of significant religious importance among the Roman Catholic Cathedrals housing relics like  The Crown Of Thorns , One of The holy Nails, and A Fragment Of The True Cross. In 1790s it underwent desecration due to the radicalism during French Revolution, notable for its reliquary, it also bears a secret underground crypt containing several rare archaeological historic artefacts preserved inside.

Jim Morrison in his last days in Paris had intended to visit all the Historic Architecture and Heritage sites since, a mystic poet himself  he adored art and antiquity.

Well I'll tell you a story of whisky &
mystics & men 
And about believers, & how the 
Whole thing began

First there were women & children obeying 
                                                                     The moon 
Then daylight brought wisdom & fever!& sickness too soon

You can remind me
Instead of the other 
                                You can

You can help to insure
        That we all insecure our command 

If you don't give a listen
     I won't try to tell your 
                                          New hand
This is it can't you see
       That we all have our end in the band............

Our end is an apocalyptic vision towards the drudgery of mundane existance ignorant of the True Light living on their mundane terms fighting to survive a No Worthy life.
The Far Arden poems reflect the images of The Sweet Forest and The hot dream
The forest of Arden as the backdrop of The Shakespearean comedy As You Like It was an imaginary vision based on the adaptation of The Forest of Ardennes used in Thomas Lodge's Romantic prose Rosalynd and the real (both of which even then were subject to enclosure  disintegration and deforestation or the loss of Virgin lands and reminiscent of the romanticized youth )

Morrison's poems tries to reclaim the lost fragrance of woods and childhood innocence The Forest  Sandals as he writes to rediscover the the Lost paradise , Shangri -La beneath the Jewelled moon,  the circular dance, the stretching hands to clasp, the bliss nurturing the Soul........
Childhood reminiscence Jim Morrison

Moonshine night
Mt village
Insane in the woods in the deep trees
Under the moon
Beneath the stars
They reel and dance
The young folk
Led to the lake
By a king and a Queen
O, I want to be there
I want us to be there
Beside the lake
Beneath the moon.