Saturday, 8 November 2014

After A Long Time....Posting My Thoughts on Jim's Echoing Songs, This Week's Pick My Birthday Favourite LA Woman Along With Sharing The Release Of Pink Floyd's Last Album "The Endless River"


Taking a cue from Division Bell's High Hopes comes forth Floyd's last ever studio album called "The Endless River". It is the fifteenth studio album of the alternate progressive rock band and third after losing ties with the band's ex member Roger Waters. The Endless River comes as a homage to the legendary Rick Wright by his friends the surviving two members of the Pink Floyd. The album comes out nearly two decades since their last in 1994, completed with the past recording sessions during the days of " the division bell " in 1993 at the Gilmour Studios the Astoria with its only featured song being the closing track "louder than words".Instrumentally musical and ambient it appears to be Rick Wright's beautifully blooming last " Swan Song" as the Ancient Greeks believed that an artist produces his greatest creation just before his departure from this earthly realm just as a swan sings its best ever song before death & co incedentaly the title  the endless river surely seems to highlight this mythological theme along with references to - the concept of eternity -the ever flowing river- & the stoppage of time. It releases on the eve of Nov 10th in the united kingdom & Nov 7th worlwide as the much anticipated rock classic.

This Week -LA Woman The Echoing Call Of Jim Morrison

It echoes and invokes the magic word, a Shaman in utmost power chants an incantation an awakening of the spirits in time with utmost strength and vitality. this is what you feel when you hear LA Woman. the intensity with which it picks up its fast and whirlwind beat and traverses you through the frentic roads and suburbs of Los Angeles, a true blues ride through the highway picturesque of the city night it journeys inwards and outwards back and forth into space and time riding inside and outside people's minds.
Its a surreal dream, lots of imageries and the use of metaphorical emotions run through the lines. The song seems a ritual yet a Satori. Its a state of immediate self realisation and its projection through the use of worldly imageries. Its what we see outside and how we interpret it

well i got into town about an hour ago
took a look around which way the wind blow....

The first two lines encapsulate a perfect zen haiku . its a song that celebrates the moment of wakeful liveliness full of enthusiastic energy that it sojourns into an adventure.

Its the song of mutability changing its tone to unlikely moods a song of experimentation

....motel money murder madness let's change the mood from glad to sadness....

LA Woman
sunday afternoon
drive thru your suburbs
into your blues

i see your hair is burning
hills are filled with fire
if they say that i never loved you
you know that they're a liar

driving thru your freeway
midnight alley's Rome

This song with its adventurous soundtrack, unconventional lyrics and Jim's incomparable rendition stays as my personal favourite which can enlighten your mood in a zest of adventure.

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