Thursday, 17 July 2014

Alive ! She Cried......... Jim Morrison The Call Of A Distressed Prayer "...& Two Years Have Gone By...."Reminiscing lines from Orange County Suite "...& The People Who Laughed & Made Her Poor Heart Ache" From The Sisyphean Damnation To The Aquarian Dream

A feast of friends
Alive ! She cried
Wating for me outside...

She looked so sad in sleep
Like a friendly hand
Just out of reach
A candle stranded on a beach
When the sun sinks low

An H-bomb in reverse


Well, this is an essay i am attempting to contemplate upon the past events which resurface through the sands of time. "One must imagine Sisyphus happy..." as the French Absurdist Albert Camus says..."the struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart..." while looking through the Kafkaesque view or simply as the ordeals of a higher aspiration...i feel the road for Sisyphus never ends... i mean its beyond the weariness of relentless labour which apparently seems pointless and unfruitful, but i guess its the persevered attempts and his perpective journey is what matters, the story of Sisyphus, his rise as the founder King of Corinth, his hubris and fall to the damnation of Gods transfigures him as an embodiment of the evolutionary nature of man. His back and forth strife may evolute the seed of wisdom involuted in him. The boulder rock may seem the gift of strength, tenacity and endurance- a karmic purgation, a purgatorio.In a Shamanistic way the ordeal may be a boon...who knows as Sisyphus learns? Evolves? Evolutes? A higher dream in the eyes of the Gods? The myth of Sisyphus-the road way to the Aquarian dream. Aquarius-the symbol of transition. A representation of the New Age, and a proposition of love transcending towards an open order of poetry, emotions, expressions beyond mere words, a phase of traquility an embodiment of eternal peace. The need for change and an ascension to higher planes & realms beyond human imagination to end this suffering once and for all....its the road to the valley,the open fields,& the pastoral, where we live happily ever after....where you are happy to be together....really happy to be together...
Below are references from the lines of Jim's ballad Orange County Suite-a perfect embodiment of an aquarian dream, along with his piano compositions the song and its lyrical version of the poem depicts a dream like journey reminiscing various moods, intuitively mystical with a happy note of togetherness

Orange County Suite

Well i used to know someone fair
She had orange ribbons in her hair
She was such a trip
she was hardly there
But i loved her
still the same

There was rain in our wibdow
The FM set was ragged
But she could talk, yeah,
We learned to speak
& one year has
Gone by
Such long long road to seek it
& all we did was break it & freak it
We had all
That lovers ever had
We just blew it
& i'm not sad
Well i'm mad
& i'm bad
& two years
have gone by

Now her world was bright orange
& the fire glowed......

Yeah, we broke thru the window
Yeah, we knocked on the door
Her phone would not answer
Yeah, but she's still home

Now her father has passed over
& her sister is a star
& her mother smokes diamonds
& she sleeps out in the car
Yeah, but she remembers Chicago
The musicians and guitars
& the grass by the lake
& the people who laughed
& made her poor her ache

Now we live down in the valley
We work in the farm
We climb up to the mountains
& everything's fine
& i'm still here
& you're still there
We'er still around

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