Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Offerings And Gifts To The Soul Poet Transcending Love Jim Morrison

"The Moment was an Awakening
I saw you......You were there
Sitting right across the Ocean's shore
Waving at Me
I had found at last my Friend Eternally...

Crossroads of heavens
The sky shines blue
I saw you again & again..

Swimming souls searching each other amidst heavy rain

God get us love & get us speed
To get us back home again.....

Times passed
My heart sank
Elapsed the beat of cosmic rhyme

Come again
Oh sweet musk
Fragrance of the Divine

The blue shadows follows us & guides
Flute player...the lamb you bear
I see The Moonlight glides...

Teachers of life's wisdom chair
Rocking & rolling without care
 I sought you as my only friend till the End
 My Prayers anointed your feet
Footsteps that I still seek & see

Far Arden of Your envisioned dream
Will be a reality as it seemed........"
                                                 -Monalisa..... (Offerings And Gifts To The Soul Poet Transcending Love Jim Morrison......)

I am the Woman
In the window
See the children

Soldier, sailor
Young man
On your way
To the summer
Swimming pool

Can you see me
in my window
Can you hear me

O dreamland
Golden scene land
Try to sleep lamb
Take us to dreamland

I am unhappy
Far from my woman
Take me to dreamland
Land of the Banyon

I remember freeways

Summer, beside you

Storms passing

Electric fires in the night

We still need you

Give me songs to sing
Emerald dreams to dream

& I 'll give you love
Unfolding .....

                              - Jim Morrison ( Forever Friend......)

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