Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rising Of The Spirit Lost in Time -Jim Morrison The Second Coming

"There is an awakening
And all that remains is true
As the body is ravaged
The spirit grows stronger

Forgive me Father for I know
What I do
I want to hear the last Poem
the last Poet.

Leave the informed sense
In our wake 
You be Christ
On this packaged tour
-Money beats soul-
Last words,  last words out

The form is an angel of soul
From horse to man to boy 
& back again........

Welcome to the night
Welcome to the deep good
American Night
To find the voice
The face the fate the fame
To be tamed
By the Night
A man gets time to die
His amber waste

-Jim Morrison


Orion is a prominent constellation,  named after a primordial gigantic supernaturally strong hunter born as the son of 
Euryale and Poseidon ( Neptune ) The God Of Seas according to the Greek mythological tradition, it is located along the celestial equator and is clearly visible to human eye in the night sky .
Orion is regarded much more than just a constellation, because of its high mythological relevance and mentions in almost all the Holy texts of all the various religious traditions across the globe. Orion, since ancient ages is regarded as the Divine abode of our ancestors. In Eygptian mythology, Orion is associated with Osiris ( The God Of Afterlife and Rebirth ), as Osiris is believed to be Immortal among the stars. According to the Pyramid texts, Orion is also identified with the Eygptian Pharaohs of the fifth dynasty known as the Unas, who were believed to devour flesh of powerful mortals and thereby inheriting power themselves . Whereas, the Armenians identified Orion with their forefather Hayk, as the Orion constellation is  referred as Hayk in the Armenian translation of the Bible. The Babylonian Star Catalogues of the Bronze age refer Orion as The Heavenly Shepherd or the True Shepherd Of Anu, the Primary God of the Heavens was also sacred to Papshukal and Ninshubur, the secondary Gods who served as the Divine Messengers. Orion is mentioned thrice in the Bible as Kesil connected with Kislev or the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar references to the root of  the Hebrew word Kesil or Kisla as optimisism, hope or positivenss. According to Hinduism,the Rig Veda refers Orion as  Mriga or the deer. On the other hand , Medieval Islamic astronomy considers Orion as al- jabbar or the Giant. The Arams called Orion as Nephila and Nephilims were believed to be Orion's descendants. The Malay refer Orion as Belt Bintang Tiga Beradik or The Three Brother Star. In ancient Hungarian beliefs, Orion was referred as the Magical archer or reaper, whereas according to recently rediscovered texts, Orion is named as Nimrod as the great hunter and the father of the twins Hunor and Magor, some other Hungarian traditions refer Orion's belt as the Judge's stick. Among Scandinavians, the Orion's belt is referred as Friggs distaff (Friggerock)or Freyja's distaff, the Foremost Goddess in Norse mythology. The Finns referred Orion's belt and the stars below as the Vainamoinen's scythe and the hanging stars as kalevanmeikka or Kaleva's sword or the sword of the great king Kainuu of the Finnish, Kalerian and Estonian mythology. In Siberia, the Chukchi people refer Orion as the Hunter with his arrow shot known as Aldebaran or Alpha Tauri. Among the native American tribes, the Seri of Northwest Mexico refer the three star constellation as Hapj or the hunter consisting of three stars referred as Hap (the mule deer) , Haamoja (the pronghorn) and Mojet (the bighorn sheep). It is believed that Hap or the mile deer is in the centre shot by hunter with its blood dripping on the island of Tiburon.
The Spanish and Latin American references to the three stars of  Orion is Las Tres Marias or The Three Martyrs. The Ojibwa or The Chippewa lake Native Americans refer Orion as Kabibona
' kan or the winter maker, as the presence of the constellation in the night sky marked the beginning of the winter months. The Lakota Native Americans refer Orion's belt as Tayamnicankhu or the Bison's spine, the great rectangle of Orion as the bison's ribs, whereas the Pleiades star cluster in the nearby Tauras forms the bison's head and Sirius in Canis Major is referred as Tayamnisinte forms the tail.

Jim Morrison's silent conscious invocations to this Ancient Cosmic Constellations can be felt through his poetic lines 

"The clouds flow by &tell a story
About the lightning bolt & the mast on the
Some people have a hard time 
Describing sailors to the
The decks are starving
Time to throw the cargo over
Now down & the high sailing
W/its cool night time disturbance
Tropic corridor
Tropic Treasure
What got us far to this mild equator
Come on, now
The traveller
Mighty voyager
The graves grinning
Indians of the Night
The eyes of the Night
The Dream of Conquest &Voyage
Into the night,
Westward into Night
I can make myself invisible or small.
I can become gigantic & reach the
Farthest things . I can change nature
I can place myself anywhere in
Space or time.
I can summon the dead.
I can perceive events on other worlds,
In my deepest inner mind,
& in the minds of others.
I can
I am 
Wait for me, I 'm coming"

- Jim Morrison 

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