Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lines To Jim......(The Coming Of Spring)-Monalisa

Love is the immaculate beauty
Immersed in itself are the tears of pure joy
Picturesque landscape of the creator's eternal vision
Percolates within itself the Divine Decree

Blossoming of the innocent virgin flowers of the heart
Calling themselves to embrace eternity
Birds hop about in the garden of Far Arden

The wishes of life ever fulfilled
Trinklets of the fragrant nectarine
Hours of the secret iskes of Dawn's new wisdom
She awaits His arrival in her heart
At Dawn's early kingdom
The king arrives

Promises of the sweet morning rose
Pale as pink
Of the dewy mists
Encircling the pools
Of silvery waves full of light

Flakes of snow
Long ago
Are dipping themselves
Over the frozen pine

All await
Coming of spring
The season of love
The language of bliss
Everlasting youth
Long live this happiness

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